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See the tutorial at the blog My Love of Home here: DIY Spray Painted Laminate Countertops When I first looked into painting our countertops, I was stressed! Would this work? Would we have to rip out our countertops and replace them? During the course of a recent kitchen remodel, : I recovered a laminate countertop with newer, more brightly colored laminate sheeting with , a granite-type pattern. This kitchen had three separate countertops, at various heights and locations around the kitchen. So I bought three new 4-by-8-foot sheets of laminate and went to work. Heres how to do it. Obviously weve made some other changes as well, but I seriously cant believe how much better my kitchen looks now that Ive used the countertop refinishing kit! Who knew painting my laminate countertops could make such a difference?surviving a kitchen remodelWhen you're starving but can't face putting together a full meal in your makeshift digs, snacks can save your stomach. Peanut butter, crackers, dried fruit or fruit leather, canned goods, trail mix and more can make for quick meals in a pinch. , Wherever your temporary kitchen is, set up a table and plastic storage bins to keep things as organized as possible. Stock , up on food that doesn’t require refrigeration: cereal, canned soup and fruit, and quick snack items like protein bars, crackers, nuts, and peanut butter. Don’t forget foil, plastic wrap, food storage bags and bowls for leftovers, and trash bags. The importance of measuring, re-measuring, and then checking it thrice cannot be understated, especially when putting in appliances. Because at some point, those appliances are going to be removed, and even being off by a millimeter or two will make all the difference if you have leakage in your pipes gone and bathroom makeoversOur team has licensed remodelers and carpenters, who can help renovate your kitchen and bathroom. We also offer a range of products for your home 8211 such as cabinets, flooring and countertops. When , undertaking a project in the home, it is wise to ensure the updates will add to the home’s resale value. There are calculations that measure how much return on your investment certain updates will provide. When it comes to whether the bathroom or kitchen will max out that projection, experts generally regard kitchen remodels over bathrooms as more effective for home resale in terms of aesthetics and the fact that the kitchen is a more highly-trafficked area. Also keep in mind that the kitchen is the room that most people see first when shopping for a new home. Is this the year you’ve decided to update your kitchen or redo your bathroom? Maybe you need a more functional space for meal prep or a more soothing environment for your morning ablutions. Whatever the reason, the new year is often a time for new beginnings, and what better place to start than in these two rooms? """""""


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